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Welcome to my website, in which I share my passion for photography, my ideas, and even a Visitor's guide to Boulder, Colorado.
Images About the images:  Prior to April 2003, all my images were captured on film and scanned. Most of my work since then has been done on the Canon EOS-10D,  20D, 40D, and 6D, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 and LX100, and the Sony A7Rii. I process images with Picture Window Pro, a superb program that deserves to be better known. Manipulation is limited to dodging, burning, and adjusting color and contrast-- routine operations in a conventional darkroom that can be performed with far more precision digitally.

Since July 2003 I have been working more than full time on Imatest, so much of this website is out-of-date. Imatest is used by a great many companies to develop and test digital cameras, and is now working 24/7 in production lines throughout the world.

Cliffs and fog near Yosemite, 1982; Medium format before 1984
Medium format
before 1984

Andre Kertesz, 1973; B&W images before 1984
B&W before 1984

La Jolla birds; Color before 1999
Color before 1999
Red Rock Lake sunset; Images 1999-2000
Aspendance, Hessie; Images 2001
Images 2001
Monument Valley Totem Poles; Images 2002
Images 2002

Columbines; Images 2003
Images 2003
View from Hunt's Mesa, Monument Valley 2004
Monument Valley 2004
Jodhpur fort sunset; India 2004
India 2004

News:  I had a show of photographs at the National Center for Atmospheric Research
from August 1 through September 30, 2016.
I've put up a blog to post the images in the show and other recent images.

Tutorials on photography

Making fine prints in your digital darkroom

Light & color  |  Pixels, images, & files  |  Getting started  |  Scanners  |  Digital cameras  |  Printers  |  Papers and inks  |  Monitor calibration and gamma  |  Printer calibration  |  Scanning  |  Image editing  |  B&W printing  |  Matting and framing  |  Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras

Image editing with Picture Window Pro

Introduction  |  Making and using masks  |  Contrast masking  |  Tinting and hand coloring B&W images  |  Example: Sunset, Providence

Understanding image sharpness and MTF

Introduction  |  Film and lenses  |  Scanners and sharpening  |  Printers  |  Lens testing  |  Depth of Field  |  Digital cameras vs. film  |  Grain

Color management

Introduction to Color science and Color management  |  Implementation part 1: Setup, working color space, profile anatomy  |  Implementation part 2: Monitor profiling, workflow details  |  Obtaining ICC profiles and using MonacoEZcolor  |  Evaluating color in printers and ICC profiles

Digital cameras vs. film  |  Part 2 

Workshops  Pt. Lobos/Big Sur Jan. 2004  |  Monument Valley/Hunt's Mesa April 2004  |  Part 2

A simplified Zone system for making good exposures

Photographic technique  Part 1: equipment, mostly  |  Part 2: vision, panoramic, travel

Eliminating color fringing (lateral chromatic aberration)

Canon FS4000US 4000 dpi scanner  |  Epson 2450/3200 Flatbed scanners
Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR
  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4

Favorite links  |  Photographer/gallery links 

Stonehenge mystery by Dennis Wilkins About me and my photography  |  Visiting Boulder, Colorado

Vacuum tube audio  |   Nathan Koren: portfolio, images and writings
Stonehenge mystery  by Dennis Wilkins

The Pre-History of Hewlett Packard: David Packard in Sehenectady

The theophysics of light: Maxwell's equations

Imatest: software for mesuring camera, lens, and printer quality

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News     See News archive for earlier items.
November 2010.  See my interview with Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape-com.

July 2006.  Gamutvision released!  Visualize color gamuts, gamut mappings, and rendering intents. Evaluate ICC profile quality, analyze printer performance using downloaded profiles and scanned test prints, and see precisely how an image will change when printed. Gamutvision is a great tool for learning color management in depth. If you've been wondering what I've been up to, now you know.
September 2005.  I cannot update this site as frequently as I'd like because most of my energy is going into Imatest.

January 2005. 
I posted images from my India trip, December 2004.

September 2004.  Imatest, my program for measuring sharpness and image quality in digital cameras and digitized film images, has been released.  You can now download a trial version and purchase the full version for a very reasonable price. It has kept me very busy for the last few months. I've used it to compare the resolution of the Canon EOS-10D and 20D. It is being used in reviews by and, a new digital camera review site from the creators of A number of European sites are planning to use it.

April 2004.  I posted a few images from my trip to Monument Valley/Hunt's Mesa (a workshop with Steve Kossack) and Canyonlands. Part 2 also has some beautiful images.

William Corey William Corey (left) was an extraordinary photographer who worked with 8x10 and 8x20 view cameras. He specialized in the great gardens of Japan, splitting his time between Boulder, Colorado and Japan. William passed away March 31, 2008. We miss him very much.
Steve Kossack: Yosemite in winter
Sean McHugh Flower bench, CambridgeSteve Kossack (Yosemite winter image on the right) leads
outstanding photography workshops in the American West,
in places such as Yosemite, Yellowstone/Tetons, Death Valley,
Grand Canyon, and Canyonlands. Workshop DVDs are available.

Sean McHugh was a chemical engineering graduate student at Cambridge University (UK) and a superb photographer (sample on the left) when he started, which is well worth visiting for its tutorials as well as images. His images capture the spirit of Cambridge about as well as Atget captured Paris (that's saying a lot).
His intuitive understanding of design equals that of the great Japanese printmakers. (Can you tell I like his work?)
Quang-Tuan Luong, nature, landscape, travel, and adventure
photographer and creator of,
has amassed an amazing collection of 
images on his site.
I enjoy meeting photographers. So if you are planning to pass through Boulder and you'd like to visit or go for a photographic hike, please let me know.
For requests, questions or comments, e-mail me.  This site is written with KompoZer, a free (but perhaps obsolete) web authoring program. 
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Lyrics by Peter Yarrow
who uses language with
elegance, grace and beauty
to convey the light
of the human spirit

Added after Peter's
September 6, 2001 concert
in honor of the victims
and the survivors
of September 11.

What has the
"War on Terror"
done to Peter's vision?
  You remember when you felt each person mattered
That we all had to care or all was lost
But now you see believers turned to cynics
And you wonder was the struggle worth the cost

Then you see someone too young to know the difference
And the veil of isolation in their eyes
And inside you know you’ve got to leave them something
Or the hope for something better slowly dies

Carry on my sweet survivor   Carry on my lonely friend
Don’t give up on the dream   And don’t let it end
Carry on my sweet survivor   Tho’ you know that something’s gone
For everything that matters   Carry on Sweet survivor
Monument Valley from Hunt's Mesa, April 2005
Hunt's Mesa, overlooking Monument Valley, is an amazingly sacred place. Every rock is alive and has a story to tell if you can silence your mind and listen. After editing this image in color and Black & White I decided I preferred this version, which maintains the drama of B&W but provides a hint of color with an antique feeling that stimulates the imagination. A 15x22" inkjet print is breathtaking; comparable in quality to the finest silver-based prints. The landscape is far too grand and sweeping for smaller print sizes.
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