Norman Koren
Black & white images before 1984

I became seriously interested in photography in 1964 when I was a junior at Brown. Here is a selection of images taken when I lived in Providence, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia and Los Gatos, California (gotta stop moving). Most were originally printed in a traditional darkroom on silver halide paper. (My favorite was Agfa Portriga Rapid, selenium toned.) I can now make outstanding prints on the pigment-based Epson 2200. All images on this page are 35mm. I used an Asahi Pentax SV (same as the Honeywell Pentax H3V) between 1965 and 1968 and a Leica M2 between 1968 and about 1975. I have a separate gallery for my medium format work-- some of my best from that period.
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Three children, Detroit 1967
Three children:
Detroit, 1967
Andre Kertesz, 1973
Andre Kertesz 1973
Juniper, Emigrant Basin, CA 1974
Juniper, Emigrant Basin Wilderness,
California, 1974
Nature spirit, White Mountains,
New Hampshire, 1970
Nature spirit, White Mountains, NH 1970
Swan window, Phoenixville, PA 1972
Swan Window,
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 1972
Man in a Navajo hogan,
Monument Valley, 1973
In a Navajo hogan 1973
In a Navajo hogan, Monument Valley 1973
"Abuelita" (Little Grandmother)
in a Navajo hogan,
Monument Valley, 1973
Moving trucks,
Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1971
Moving trucks, Germantown, PA 1971
Bird store, Reading, PA 1973
Bird store,
Redding, Pennsylvania, 1973
Two children,
Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1973
Two children, Norristown, PA 1972
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 1981
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, 1981
Garden, Point Lobos,
California, 1972
Point Lobos garden 1972
Boy, Garrapata Beach 1975
Boy, Garrapata Beach,
California, 1975
Children on steps,
Detroit, 1966
Children, Detroit 1966
Diner, Flourtown, PA 1971
Diner, Flourtown, PA, 1971
Two children, Detroit, 1966
Two children, Detroit 1966
Children in window, Detroit 1966
Children in window,
Detroit, 1966
Detroit Love-in, 1966
Outlaws, Detroit Love-In 1967
Father and son, Detroit 1966
Father and son,
Detroit, 1966
Girl, Detroit, 1966
Girl, Detroit 1966
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