Norman Koren
Images 1999-2000

These images were all taken in Colorado: near Boulder, Vail, and on our September 2000 trip to the San Juan mountains in southwestern Colorado. All were taken with the Canon F-1 or "New F-1."
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Mt. Sneffels, Colorado
Mt. Sneffels,
San Juan range, Colorado
Apsens and mountain
near Telluride, Colorado
Aspens and mountain near Telluride
Autumn ground cover, Rocky mountains
Autumn ground cover,
Rocky Mountain National Park
Aspens near Vail, Colorado
Summer Aspens near Vail
Bald Mountain sunset, 2000
Indian Peaks sunset
from Bald Mountain
Sugarloaf sunset
Sugarloaf sunset, 2000
Sugarloaf Mountain sunset: Twin Sisters
Sunset-- Twin Sisters from
Sugarloaf Mountain
Mountains near Silverton, Colorado
Mountains near Silverton
Bristlecones, Arapahoe Glacier trail
Bristlecone pines, Arapahoe Glacier trail,
Indian Peaks Wilderness,
Ground cover,
Arapahoe Glacier Trail
Ground cover, Arapahoe Glacier trail
Flatirons in snow, 1999
Flatirons in winter
Boulder's signature mountains
Red Rock Lake,
Indian Peaks Wilderness
Red Rock Lake

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