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Photographers This list isn't intended to be comprehensive. I add names as I meet photographers or come across interesting sites.

Bill Atkinson  An excellent nature photographer and color craftsman based on the San Francisco penninsula. Teaches workshops on digital printing with Charles Cramer.

Bruce Barnbaum  Superb B&W photography in the classic tradition. Teaches workshops. Doesn't like digital (I could rebut most of his fears, but his B&W silver prints are superb-- as good as they get. Not everybody needs digital.)

Dan Burkholder  has a technique for making "digital negatives" on inkjet printers, then contact printing them.

Alain Briot  Chinle, AZ, near Canyon de Chelly. Frequent contributor to Nice equipment description.

David Brookover  Jackson, WY. Landscape, horses. Landscapes made with an 8x10 view camera. Technically and aesthetically superb.

Christopher Brown  Boulder, CO. Landscapes.

Christopher Burkett  A master of 8x10 color (Velvia). Doesn't do digital. Explains his philosophy in an interview with J. P. Caponigro.

Dan Burkholder  Uses an interesting technique of making negatives digitally for printing on B&W silver-gelatin paper. Will be less attractive with the advent of the Epson 2200/7600/9600 printers, which make excellent B&W prints with a 100 year display lifetime-- excellent but not yet the equal of selenium-toned B&W silver prints.

Robert Castellino  Author of excellent books about Boulder, Denver and Colorado.

John Paul Caponigro

William Corey  Boulder, CO. Brilliantly composed images of Japanese gardens taken on an 8x20 (inch!) view camera. He has presented a photograph to the emperor of Japan and photographed the Imperial Gardens. He spends hours, sometimes days, on each image and only takes one exposure. Strongly influenced by the Japanese print tradition.

Mark Citret  Classic West Coast B&W work.

Charles Cramer  An outstanding photographer, closely associated with the Ansel Adams Gallery. A master color printer who switched to digital after spending years with the superb but tedious dye transfer process.

Jack Dykinga  Tuscon, Arizona. One of the finest color landscape photographers, focusing on the American Southwest. Works with 4x5. Workshops

Macduff Everton   The master of panoramic photography. He knows light.

John Gavrilis  The classic scenes (southwest, etc.) very well done. Saturation probably enhanced.

Chris Groenhout  Australia  Fine photographs in several formats-- 35mm, panoramic, and large, up to 8x10. Has a very nice set of tutorials and equipment reviews. His site seems to be in transition, moving away from a free advertising-blighted host; navigation can be a bit confusing. You may find more at his old site, here. His article on going professional, DIY pro photography, has a strong resonance for me at the moment.

Ron Harris - A digital approach to black-and-white   Contains beautiful images and technical advice on B&W printing with Epson printers

Miles Hecker and Nancy Patrick  Casper, Wyoming.   Images of Wyoming and articles on photographic equipment and technique. Miles has put up an outstanding Grand Teton National Park Photo Map.

Willie Holdman  Orem, Utah.  Outstanding landscape images of Utah and the American West.

Dan Heller  Travel photographer based in San Francisco Bay area. 7,000 images. Has a section on technique. Uses Canon EOS system. His views on digital photography differ strongly from Michael Reichmann.

James Kay  Salt Lake City, Utah.  Outstanding landscape photographer. Particularly beautiful images of the Southwest.

Sean Kernan  Santa Fe, NM

George Lepp  Los Osos, CA (central coast, near San Luis Obispo).  Fine images and technical advice. Teaches through the Lepp Institute of Digital Photography.

Jook Leung  Englewood, New Jersey  Master of 360 degree virtual reality panoramas. His Times Square New Years 2004 panoramas are astounding. He's done some great work here in Boulder: an amazing 360 degree panorama at the west end of the Pearl Street Mall at sunset, November 29, 2003, lunch at BJ's, (La dolce vita, Boulder style!), Santa's helper (AKA Rosemary from Downtown Boulder) in front of the Boulder Bookstore, and chez moi.

Quang-Tuan Luong  Remarkable photos of US National Parks and the Asia/Pacific region. Very prolific.  Also co-edits the Large format photography information site.

John MacLean  Santa Fe, NM.  Professional photogrer-- people, architecture, landscapes, infrared.

Norman Mauskopf  Santa Fe, NM  Superb B&W images of the land and people who gave birth to the Blues. Also, Rodeos.

Arthur Morris (Birds as Art)  Florida  Bird photographer. Recently went totally digital.

David and Marc Muench  Masters of Western Landscape photography. They have a nice article on equipment and technique.

Ted Orland  Former assistant of Ansel Adams with a wry sense of humor. Sees through the pretense of West Coast Landscape photography from the inside.

Arnaud Pirotte  Belgium  Author of the French language book, Aube, Ardenne et Crépuscule, which (I think) translates, "Dawn and dusk in the Ardennes," (The Ardennes is the hill region near the French-Belgian border.). He focuses of the magical effects of light, particularly at the times we call the "golden hour."

Lynn Radeka  Classic Western images, very well done. Useful information and kits on contrast masking-- the traditional way.

Glenn Randall  Outstanding nature photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. Gets up at 3AM to hike with his 4x5, lenses, heavy tripod, raingear and food snuggled in a 60 lb. pack. His image of Columbine, Indian paintbrush and heartleaf arnica beneath Mt. Toll, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado is one of my favorites.

James Randklev  Tuscon, Arizona.  Outstanding widely-published nature photographer.

Philipp Scholz Rittermann  San Diego.  B&W images. Amazing night photography.

Paul Roark  Classic B&W images, mostly California. Contributor to B&W digital printing groups-- source of MIS inkset workflows (pigmented quadtone inks for archival B&W digital printing).

Galen and Barbara RowellMountain Light  Ultimate mountain adventure photography. Their untimely passing in a plane crash is deeply mourned.

David Schultz  Park City, Utah. West Light Images Photography gallery in Park City. A holdout for Ilfochrome (non-digital) prints.

Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee  Ottsville, PA.  They use 8x10 and 8x20 inch cameras, working  in the tradition of Edward Weston, using Super-XX film with Pyro developer and Azo (contact) paper with Amidol developer. Source of Azo paper. I studied with Michael in the early 1970's. Guests at his workshops included Andre Kertesz, W. Eugene Smith, and Paul Caponigro. What an experience! Michael is also proprietor of Lodima Press.

Tom Till  Outstanding nature photographer based in Moab, Utah. Has a gallery there (mostly his own work).

Al Weber  Photographer/educator from Carmel, CA. His outspoken newsletter makes for interesting reading.

Linde Waidhofer  Western Eye Photography. Beautiful landscape and nature photographs. Based in Crestone, Colorado (San Luis Valley).

Peter Williams  A young (twenty-something) enterprising photographer here in Boulder who has published a book on Medium Format Cameras. Quite a bit of advice on equipment.

Galleries & workshops

Adventure Gallery Nature Photography  (Durango, Colorado; online only) showcases fine art nature photography of adventure, landscape, and wildlife photographers. Available as screensavers or matted and framed prints.

Afterimage Gallery  Dallas, TX

Ansel Adams Gallery  The Yosemite classic. Has a large stable of artists and extensive workshops.  Fine Art Photography gallery & forum  A large collection of fine art images, new and classic. Has a newsletter.

Bay Area Photographers Collective  San Francisco, CA

Blue Sky Gallery  Portland, OR.  A community gallery with a strong exhibition and publication program.

David Brookover Gallery  Jackson, WY  Amazing large prints from formats up to 8x10. A must-see if you're visiting the Grand Teton region.

Camera Obscura Gallery  Denver, CO  Denver's outstanding photography gallery. Local and internationally-known photographers.

Center for Fine Art Photography  Fort Collins, CO  A worthy, ambitious dream. Effort of Lawrence Padgett and Dave Clack.

Center for Photographic Art (  Carmel, California  Occupies the former space of the now-defunct Friends of Photography.

Exhibitspace  Online gallery.

Friends of Arizona Highways  Photographic workshops. Includes Monument Valley's Hunt's Mesa (sells out fast).

The Friends of Photography  A once-great organization. Started in the Carmel location now occupied by the Center for Photographic Art, then moved to San Francisco. Closed 10/31/2001, an apparent victim of grandiose ambition, high rent, high debt, and the dotcom crash. They had a $1.25 million annual budget and a $1.2 million in debt. It was planning to sell its collection of 140 Ansel Adams prints and donate its archives to a university. Al Weber's comments are worth a read.

Grizzly Creek Gallery  Grizzly Creek Gallery, Georgetown, CO  Half-way between Denver and the ski resorts.  Photographs by Gary Haines (owner) and others. Outstanding nature and wildlife photography.

Illustrated Light Gallery  Fort Collins, CO  Primarily landscape photography.  Dave Clack, proprieter.

Jerome Shaw Travel & Photography Workshops  Denver, CO  Professional photography.

Josephus Daniels Gallery  Carmel, CA

LensWork Publishing   An excellent magazine with fine images and thoughtful articles. I suscribe.

The Maine Photographic Workshops

Open Shutter Gallery  Durango, CO  An outstanding gallery in a surprizingly delightful, sophisticated town, between the San Juan Mountains and Mesa Verde.

Palm Beach Photographic Centre

Photo Alliance  San Francisco, CA  Lectures and workshops.

Photo-eye  Santa Fe, NM  Bookstore/gallery

Photographic Image Gallery  Portland, OR

Photography West Gallery  Primarily traditional fine photography. Two of the photographers they exhibit, Dan Burkholder and Howard Schatz, manipulate images digitally, but print them on traditional B&W and color materials.

San Francisco Camerawork  1246 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA  A non-profit artist's organization with a gallery and educational programs.

Santa Fe Workshops

UC Santa Cruz Extension-- Photography

Working With Artists  Denver, CO photographic workshops.

Links to links (to links, etc.) of photographers, galleries

A list of photography galleries and other sites from the Afterimage Gallery. Useful for trip planning.

Images and text copyright (C) 2000-2013 by Norman Koren. Norman Koren lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked in developing magnetic recording technology for high capacity data storage systems until 2001. Since 2003 most of his time has been devoted to the development of Imatest. He has been involved with photography since 1964.