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General photographic   The best comprehensive photography site. Includes equipment reviews, discussion forums and help at all levels. Created by Phil Greenspun of MIT. Phil is an excellent writer who claims to be a narcissist. Sorry Phil, your claim is rejected under catch 22 (if you claim to be, you aren't). True narcissists only serve themselves; Phil's site is a great service to us all, and I don't object if he boasts a little.   Michael Reichmann's excellent collection of images, articles and equipment reviews, including Epson printers. A comprehensive and exceptionally valuable site, frequently updated. 

Ian Lyons' Computer Darkroom   Excellent images, equipment reviews, and tutorials.

Steve Hoffman's Nature and Scenic Photography   More fine images, equipment reviews and useful technical advice. Good information on HP and Nikon scanners.

Ken Rockwell   Images, technical articles and reviews, including Nikon, Noblex, 4 x5, scanners and more. 

Visitors to my website and people I've corresponded with.  More photographers and galleries .  Excellent general page. News, history and technique-- film and digital.

Berman Graphics Art Web Works  Articles on digital technique, advice on exhibiting and art shows, interviews.

Large Format Photography . Info  An outstanding resource for large format photography, edited by Quang-Tuan Luong and Bjorn Nilsson.  Articles, galleries and links, focusing on photojournalism.

Equipment and techniques

Photodo   (Click on products.) Superb lens tests based on the MTF (modulation transfer function) technique. These tests really distinguish great from good from mediocre. Far superior to most magazine reviews, which are written to please advertisers.  Sean McHugh's Tutorial and Techniques pages are as brilliant as his Images. Highly recommended.

Canon FD Cameras, Lenses and Accessories   Excellent information on the Canon FD (manual focus) camera system, including lens reviews. 

Wilhelm Research   The definitive site on print longevity. I visited Henry Wilhelm in Grinnell, Iowa when I crossed the country in 1973. He's gone on to do some great things like slamming my former employer, Eastman Kodak, for making inferior products. They deserved it. Kodak could have made much longer-lived films and papers at a slight incremental cost, but the bean counters won the day. In the long run the stockholders (me), employees (me, again!) and customers (what, again?) lost out.

Photography in Malaysia   Contains amazingly detailed history and descriptions of Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Rollei and Olympus cameras. I found detailed instructions for my Canon New F-1 and T-90 cameras. Put together by truly dedicated camera geeks. 

PhotoZone   Klaus Schroiff's well-designed site with a huge lens test database, reviews of camera systems, excellent articles on photographic equipment and technique and a discussion forum.   An excellent source of information and supplies on digital printing. Has some very detailed comparisons of Epson printer output. I'm a frequent customer.   Another source of digital printing supplies. Strong emphasis on color management. Features an intriguing B&W printing system for Epson printers called Piezography. 

Digital Light & Color   Makers of my great image editing program, Picture Window Pro 3.0. It can't be easy competing with an 800 pound gorilla like Photoshop. 

Tony Sleep's Film Scanner Reviews   More than you wanted to know... 

Digital cameras  I recommend these sites for keeping up with this rapidly evolving field. Digital Photography Review | Imaging-ResourceSteve's Digicams | digital camera reviews

The Digital Dog Tips & Tricks   Andrew Rodney's excellent collection of articles, focusing on color management and Photoshop. The Printer Test File (670k) is particularly useful for calibrating monitors and printers. Andrew is a contributor to the online magazine, , which has excellent articles and reviews. 

VueScan   Hamrick Software's highly regarded program for controlling film scanners. 

Charles Poynton   Articles on color theory, gamma, and how color in represented in computers. Explores these subjects in real depth. 

.ShortCourses in Digital Photography   Equipment, reviews and tutorials on digital cameras and photography. Excellent basic information from Dennis Curtin , the author of numerous texts on photography, computers and business; also the editor of several of Ansel Adams' books

FRCN digital imaging   (Feather River Canyon News) Excellent reviews and tutorials from some rugged individuals in California's gold country. 

Cameraquest   Great stuff on classic cameras, especially rangfinders: Canon, Nikon, Leica, etc. Much more. 

Labs where you can send files for large (usually LaserJet, i.e., digital to Fuji Crystal Archive) prints. Calypso Imaging (Santa Clara, CA) | Portland Color | Boston Photo Imaging | A&I Photographic & Digital Imaging (Los Angeles) 

Photographic links (to links)

More photographer and gallery links

Lars Ekdahl's favorites in digital imaging   A great selection of links with excellent commentary. Lars also has links on web design, shareware music, and other interests.   Doug Olsen's excellent collection of links to everything photographic. 

Other useful link sites are, and All About Digital Cameras. Yahoo! is slipping as a source of links. They don't keep up-to-date. Their cachet is dropping with their stock price. 

Some individual photographers have excellent link pages: Ramakrishnan Srikant (IBM Almaden) | Rob Hopcott | WJ

Online magazines  Most of there focus on digital photography-- news and reviews.

Photo Industry Reporter  A view of the industry from minilabs to medium format.

Imaging Insider  In-depth articles and test reports. Inactive.

Imaging Resource   News and detailed reviews of digital cameras and scanners along with tips and technical articles. I learned how to use the sharpening function of my HP scanner software from their excellent tutorial.   An excellent monthly review in English and French.

Nature Photographers online magazine  Excellent articles. Fine resource.

PEI   Beautifully illustrated articles and tutorials 

Steve's Digicams

Friends and family

Elizabeth Gold  Boulder, Colorado. "To The Point," specializing in writing, marketing, training, and facilitation.

Nathan Koren   Portland, Oregon.  My son the brilliant architect who graduated from Arizona State in May 2002. His writings and images from Europe and India are outstanding.

Louise Marks  My wife. Biofeedback software and education. My wife.

Laurie Levin  Writer/editor  My Los Angeles cousin!

Mason Marks  Medical school admissions counseling.  Donations of used computer games.

Drawing Music: The Tanglewood Skethbooks   Images of Tanglewood musicians by Sol Schwartz. I designed this site.

Kathleen Cortner Pottery  Gunnison, Colorado. Beautiful pottery horse sculpture.

Chuck Perrin  San Diego, California.  Outstanding jazz/folk musician and proprietor of Dizzy's-- downtown San Diego's premiere jazz venue.

Bruce Bischof  Live Education-- a Waldorf-based home-schooling curriculum.

Evan Ravitz  Boulder, CO.  Photographer and former Pearl Street tight-rope performer.

Devyani Saltzman  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A cousin and daughter of the famous Indian film director, Deepa Mehta. Her book, "Shooting Water," describes the making of a film that aroused the wrath of Hindu fundamentalists (no different from any other fundamentalists).

Howard Weingarden  Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Visionary artist, old friend.


Kawase Hasui (1883-1957)  Learn everything you need to know about composition by studying the work of this brilliant, amazing Japanese printmaker. Castle Fine Arts also has some nice reproductions.

David Horsey  Eloquent political cartoonist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Traveling with Ed and Julie-- The San Juan Moutains   Excellent travel information about one of our favorite places. Do you know the way to Ouray? 

New York Times Writers on Writing archives   A fascinating look at the issues of creative life and work; not so different from photographers and photography. 

Arts & Letters Daily  Links to stimulating articles. Food for the intellect. Slightly to the right. has stimulating articles and links with a Liberal orientation. From a professional colleague of my wife.

GORP -- Great Outdoor Recreation Pages-- An ENORMOUSoutdoor-oriented travel resource with hundreds of useful articles. Start with overviews of nearby Colorado , Wyoming , Utah , New Mexico , and Arizona

Clark and Lynda Chapman's hikes near Boulder   Superb descriptions some fabulous hikes in the nearby mountains. Very detailed page with topo maps; takes a while to load. 

Visiting Boulder, Colorado   A small resource for friends planning a visit. 

Multi-level marketing (MLM or network marketing)  You can't live on this planet without being offered one of these "investment opportunities." Before you take the pyramid plunge, check the following sites: I highly recommend Amy Chen Mills' delightful article, " Shaking the Money Tree " about Equinox International. Also Timothy Harper's tawdry tale of New Age sociopath Taansen Sumeru. Charles Ponzi 's biography should be required reading ( Smithsonian's brief version ). MLMs are like the hydra-headed monster of ancient Greek mythology. You can't kill 'em, but you can defend yourself.

Images and text copyright 2000-2013 by Norman Koren. Norman Koren lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked in developing magnetic recording technology for high capacity data storage systems until 2001. Since 2003 most of his time has been devoted to the development of Imatest. He has been involved with photography since 1964.