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updated Jan. 1, 2004

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Notice: I've been having a hard time coming up with prices-- it sometimes gives me a panic attack. I've put a number of items on eBay. I'm getting better though-- If I find completed sale prices on eBay, it helps. Of course I'll consider offers. If you write me I'll let you know when I put items of interest up. Please excuse me if I'm slow responding.

I have photographs of most items, though I haven't put all of them online.

Price references: The best is eBay's completed auctions, but Midwest Photo Exchange | Keh | Adorama are also of interest. Vladimir Antonov's Canon FD eBay Price Guide is usfeul, though prices have dropped somewhat since May 2003.

From Adorama's grading system:


To pay for sale items (after we've communicated and worked out a price), click on the PayPal Donation button below. I'll be happy to entertain offers based on recent eBay sales. Cashier's checks and money orders are also fine, just slower.

Camera bodies & flash


Canon FD lens data and test results can be found on Details can be found in Canon's online museum: Cameras; FD Mount (older breech-lock); New FD Mount. Photography in Malaysia is a great resource for information on Canon FD bodies and lenses.

Lenses include a cap and back cap, unless noted. Breech-lock (the older-style mount) is indicated by BL.