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Photography (mostly)

Michael Abbot  (uses my gamma chart.)ichael Adkins  West Virginia.  Photographs of his home state. His blog.

John D'Agostino  North Arlington, New Jersey.  Portraits and night photography. Some articles on digital vs. film.

Gary Anderson's  Native Rhythm website will tell the story of his father-in-law, Joe Morris, who was one of the Navajo code talkers during World War II.

John Bald  Has a very elementary and brief digital darkroom introduction.

Mike Bailey  Southern Wisconsin nature images.

Charles Bandes  Cambridge, MA  Weddings, portraits, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Andy Bannister  Lake District, England.  Images of England's Lake District.

Doug Bardell  400 km north of Toronto. .Has plans for do-it-yourself (DIY) view cameras and more.

Kevin Barnes  Westminster, Colorado. A former colleague. Outdoor images in B&W and color.

Mike Barton  Boulder, Colorado.  Outstanding landscape photos of Colorado, Arizona, California, and Michigan.

Samuel D. Barricklow  Garland, Texas.  Fascinating cloud and storm photography. His biography is a great source of information about the art and science of storm chasing.

Pranab J. Baruah  Tokyo, Japan.  Researcher in the use of satellite imagery for determining environmental quality of bodies of water.

Jim Beall  Craig, Colorado.  Wild Horse Tours, Western Colorado and Wyoming.

David E. Behrman  His press, Behrman House, publishes books on contemporary Jewish education and Judiaca.

Steve Berliner  near Portland, Oregon.  Impressive digiscoped bird photos.

L. Stephen Bell  Tucson, Arizona.   Fine  Art, Nature, Travel, Stock, Commercial, Studio Photography

Mike Bergen  Oregon  Classic B&W fine-art photography blended with digital art techniques.

François Blanchart  Mons, Belgium.  Portraits, street photography, and images of the countryside

Will Bloodworth  LTL Imagery  Vancouver, Washington. 

Laurenz Bobke  Wiesbaden, Germany.  Excellent images from around the world.

Christophe Bonniere  Toronto, Ontario. Varied photography, specializing in B&W imagery, where he often applies emulsions of his own making to cloth.

David Bookbinder  Gloucester, MA.

Leif Boström  Professional photographer from Göteborg, Sweden.

Kylie Brant  Harlequin romance novel author. I consulted on an upcoming novel, to be published in July 2004.

Len Brewer  Evergreen, Colorado. His Dreamprints Collage Studio designs collages from snapshots.

Iain Burgess  Brisbane, Australia. Portrait, nude photography.

Peter Canclini  Fine B&W images, including an exceptional image of Mother Theresa.

Stephen Cannistra  Boston, Massachusetts.  Landscapes and astrophotography.

Michael Carboy  San Francisco, California.  Color and B&W images-- urban and natural landscapes.

Bryan Carnathan  UK.  Lens tests (Canon and independents), tips, and images.

Ricardo Carvalho  Lisbon, Portugal. Has an excellent page on panoramic photography, with lots of links, in Portugese. Wonderful Lisbon cityscapes taken with the Russian 16 mm f/2.8 Zenitar lens. Russian/Ukranian lenses are evidently among the great bargains of photography. 

Luca Cellario  Turin, Italy. Picture gallery | Recent pictures.

Paul Chaplo  Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.  Architectural photography

Patrick Chevalley  Astromomical photographs and skychart (cartes du ciel) software. English and French.

Shaughn F Clements  British Columbia, Canada.  Landscape and nature.

Bob Coe  Columbus, Ohio.  Associated with The Focus Group (Columbus) and Westbridge Camera Club.

Israel Colon  New York.  Glamour, fashion, nature photography.

Alberto Conde  has some wonderful images of castles in Spain.

David Conn  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Electrical Engineering Professor Emeritus. Excellent B&W images. Has developed a B&W workflow for the Epson 2200 similar to mine. Excellent Links and Technical Notes.

Dorothy Blum Cooper  Covington, Louisiana. Fine art B&W photography, specializing in portraits.

Bruce Daniels  Cape Town, South Africa.  Mountaineering photography-- technique, a trip to Fitzroy, Patigonia, etc.

Greg Davidson  Atlanta, Georgia.  Magician and magic educator.

Mel Davis  High Wycombe, Bucks. UK.  Chiltern Photo Studio.

Ken Dawes  Santa Cruz, CA  Landscapes, especially vineyards.

Ellis H. Davison, II  Chesapeake Bay lanscapes and seascapes.

David Deahl  Chicago, Ill.  Professional cinematographer; special effects specialist.

George Doganis  Patras, Greece.  The Mind's Eye: City photographs, mostly B&W, in the classic tradition of street photography.

Doug Dolde  Southern California.  Landscape photography. 4x5 images scanned with the Epson 2450.

Henry Domke  Missouri.  Nature and landscape photography.

Ed Dunne Inspirational Arts  Dublin, Ireland.  Makes giclée prints and supplies materials and equipment for giclée printmaking.

Dave Edwards  Wisconsin.  Travel, landscape, and portraits. Has advice and tips.

James H Egbert  Colorado Springs.  Landscape/nature photography  Teaches workshops.

Roger Ehrich  Virginia Tech.  Teaches and researches image processing. We worked together at a summer job at the University of Rochester in 1961! He wrote a page about a visit to the same region of Ukraine-- around Zhitomir-- where my father was born.

Darla Farner  Gresham, Oregon.  Striking abstract watercolor paintings.

John Farrar  Images of the island of Soquotra-- a truly remote place that bills itself as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.

Al Fasoldt  Syracuse, New York. Writer and columnist-- Dr. Gizmo of Technophile. For years I followed his Audiophile column in Fanfare Magazine.

Peter Fay  Solana Beach, CA. Travel and nature photography. Associated with the Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach and San Diego.

John Fellers Westminster, Colorado.  Teaches digital photography at the Art Institute of Colorado. He has recently put up a neat virtual tour of Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

Jim Fetterly  Rochester, Michigan

Bob Fritz  Redwood Shores, California.  Landscape designer.

Kevin K. Gallagher  Connecticut.  Landscape and bird photography.

Olivier Gallen  France.  His new French-language site will have images and deal with calibration issues.

Nora Gardner  Texas.  Wedding and portrait photography.

Steve Gilbert  Appeared in LensWork No. 42, Aug.-Sept. 2002  New site

Volker Gilbert  France. People, fashion, and travel photography. Outstanding articles on the equipment and techniques of digital photography. En Français.

Mark Graf  Sterling  Heights, Michigan.  Nature, wildlife, underwater photography, wildflower index, fine art prints, calendars.

B. J. Green  (uses my gamma chart.)

Vincent de Groot  A Dutch photographer who has lived in Germany, Switzerland, and most recently, France. Travel, landscape, and close-up. The digital darkroom brought him back to photography after several years.

Jim Hackley  Prescott, Arizona (recently moved from Monterey, California). Landscape photography.

John Hailstone  Reading, England (where Oscar Wilde did time). Fine landscapes and seascapes. Also direct scanned images of flowers.

Gary Haines  Grizzly Creek Gallery, Georgetown, CO  Outstanding nature and wildlife photography.

Donald E. Hall  Light Fantastic Photography  Auburn, Washington.  Landscape and nature photography.

Robert B. Hallock  Professor of physics at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. Outstanding New England scenes and nature images.

Brian Harness  Dallas, Texas.  Corporate, editorial and architectural photography. Teaches workshops.

R W Hawkins  California.  Landscape photography.

Richard Hale  California.  Offers film scanning services.

Brad Heggeseth  Somewhere around Minnesota or North Dakota. Building a version of my TENA amplifier, brave soul.

Jelger Herder and Maaike Pouwels  Netherlands. images of nature, some digiscoped.

Eric Hiss  San Francisco, California. Photographer, sculptor, and furniture designer. Fine printmaker.

Amando Hernández Monge  Spain. Nice website on digital photography.

Chun Byoung Ho  Korea  Underwater and personal photos.

Miles Hochstein  Recently moved from LA to Portland, Oregon. Biography/photography. Also Portland Ground: views of Portland neighborhoods. When I was young I briefly attended the Hochstein School of Music in Rochester, NY, named after a distant relative and brilliant musician, David Hochstein, who died in World War I (called the Great War back then because it was supposed to be the "War to end War." Oh, when will they ever learn?)

Willie Holdman  Orem, Utah.  Outstanding landscape images of Utah and the American West.

O. Truman Holtzclaw  Fair Oaks, CA  Excellent nature/landscape photography.

Paul Holman  UK  Travel and landscape. Interesting pages on the Epson 2100 and panoramic photography. He supplies custom ICC profiles.

Frank W. Houck  Sedona, Arizona.  Fine landscapes: the American West and the Adirondacks.

Paul Illsley  Nova Scotia  Images and a guide to composition.

Oorvazi Irani  Mumbai (Bombay), India.  Photographer and artist. She published some of my images in Life Positive magnzine (from India). Her family business, SBI Impressario Pvt. Ltd., involving film production and a literary agency, is fascinating. Their projects have included films on India's spiritual traditions. My Bollywood connection!

Jorge Ituarte  Islamorada, Florida. B&W and color images of the Florida Keys-- above below the water. Skilled at dodging hurricanes.

Ivan Jarikov  Tallinn, Estonia.  Travel, nature, etc. Trilingual site: Estonian, Russian, and English.

Staffan Johansson  Stockholm, Sweden. His tips on obtaining sharp images with 35mm are well worth reading.

Andrew Johnstone  France  Brilliant travel/photojournalistic photography. His agency, Panos Pictures of London, has some brilliant photojournalism.

Marcin Kaczynski  Poland.

Bernard Kanarek  Paris, France. Superb fashion photographer. Finds the Epson 2450 to be comparable to the far more expensive Tango drum scanner.

Lazar Kaufman  Beersheva, Israel (Negev).  Loads slowly-- several images load at the same time.

James Kay  Salt Lake City, Utah.  Outstanding landscape photographer. Particularly beautiful images of the Southwest.

Niva Kedem  Eilat, Israel.  Travel and personal images. Teaches workshops in Israel and New York.

Mike Kelcher  Anoka, Minnesota.  Portfolio images of models, nudes, and a few landscapes.

Alan Klughammer  Victoria, BC.  A variety of images, mostly nature. Elementary tutorials.

Jeff Kucharski  Nagoya, Japan.  Images of Japan, unfamiliar and familiar: nature and Buddhist sites and temples.

Alyce LaGasse  Ocala, Florida.  Travel writer

Gordon Laing  UK.  Travel photography and advice. Author of  Digital Retro (memories!) Camera/lens test pages are on the way...

George Lauterstein  Wimberley, Texas. Classic B&W images. Switched from a Leica M2 to digital. Offers free prints! (We'll have to have a little talk...) Purchased Ansel Adams' old view camera when Ansel upgraded.

Thierry Legros  Leige, Belgium  Images of the counryside.

Seekit Leong  Bay Area, California.  Fine landscape images.

Jook Leung  Englewood, New Jersey  Portraits, Photo-illustration (some cool images), and 360VR panoramas.

G. Brad Lewis  Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. That's right! He lives on top of a volcano. His spectacular images are not to be missed.

David Lissy  Denver, Colorado  Professional photographer: events, sports, weddings.

Brent Long  Okinawa

Sergio Lovisolo  Italy  Aerial photography (in Italian)

Quang-Tuan Luong  SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute) scientist specializing in 3D vision research. Remarkable photos of US National Parks and the Asia/Pacific region on Also co-edits the Large format photography information site.

John Luke  Appleton, Wisconsin.  Architectural photography.

Jean-François Maïon  Helsinki, Finland. "Nomad's Land" travel and landscape photography. Wonderful mountain images.

David Margules  New York. Has extensively photographed Ground Zero. 2004 Harlem exhibit

Maxim Markevitch  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Chandra X-ray Center

Laurence Matson  St. Gallen, Switzerland.  Has some images taken on the Sigma SD9.

John Mercer  Phoenix, Arizona, and somewhere between Flagstaff and Williams, when he can escape. Teaches photography at Phoenix College. Long-lost friend from the 1970's who finally found my site.

Carlos E. Mora  f/64 digital  Spain.  Excellent Spanish-language site with high quality images and tutorials.

Pete Myers  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  B&W fine art photography.

Sean McHugh  Cambridge, England, where he is completing a PhD in Chemical Engineering.  His contains brilliant images of Cambridge University, many taken at night. Also excellent tutorials. Strong recommendation! Recently moved to Fremont, California

Dennis Mckenzie  Birch Grove Studios  Wasilla, Alaska.  Stoneware pottery, jewelry, and fine art photography.

Craig McMaster  Scotland.  Architectural and B&W landscape photography

Piero Mognol  Northern Italy (in Italian).

Randy Morse  Golden State Images  San Diego, California.  California natural history photography, featuring coastal landscapes and marine wildlife. Stock photography.

Jonathan I. Murray  Fashion photography

Nate Naismith  Olympia, Washington.  Images of the Pacific Northwast, California, and Hawaii.

Peter O Neill  La Conner, Washington. Outstanding nature and landscape images by a former commercial fisherman, now a professional photographer.

Craig Newbury  Texas.

Mauro Nobilini  Bologna, Italy  Computer artist/photographer. Artling web gallery.

George Nyman  Vienna, Austria.  Optical/imaging scientist, photographer, and camera collector. Also

Dan Orcutt  Golden, Colorado.  Above Tree Line Images. Landscape and travel.

Noel L'Outre  (the otter)  France. PSPICE circuit simulations (audio) and some travel photographs.

Jay Patel  Twinsburg, Ohio (grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India). Some beautiful landscape images on (very interesting group of photographers). Latest additions.

William Pellouchoud  Boulder, Colorado  Fine landscape and nature images. Greeting cards.

Randy Phipps  Morrison, Colorado.  Find landscape images.

Jaime Vives Piqueres  Valencia, Spain computer technician who plays with ray tracking software, POV-Ray.

Arnaud Pirotte  Belgium.  Author of the French language book, Aube, Ardenne et Crépuscule, which (I think) translates, "Dawn and dusk in the Ardennes," (The Ardennes is the hill region near the French-Belgian border.). He focuses of the magical effects of light, particularly at the times we call the "golden hour."

Paul Politis  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  B&W photography-- people, places, things...

John Potter  York, England. Splendid images of northern Britain (England and Scotland). Some of the finest I've seen!

Andrew Prokos  Travel, architectural, landscape, still life and abstract photography from Europe and the U.S.

Radek Przybyl  Poland. Contains news and information on digital photography. He is planning on translating several of my pages into Polish.

Neil Ralley  Stained glass photography from churches in the US and Europe.

James Randklev  Tuscon, Arizona.  Outstanding widely-published nature photographer.

Jeff Reagan  Connecticut. Has lived and traveled in the West. Photos from Italy.

Jerry Reed  NewLight Images  Essex, Connecticut. Beautiful close-ups of flowers.

Michael Rees  Australia.  Digitally-created artwork.

Ton Reijnaerdts  Maastricht, Netherlands.  Photographs of the landscape and environment of Limburg, Netherlands.

Henk van Rensbergen  Belgium.  Photographs abandoned places-- industrial sites, ancient hotels and hospitals, etc. around Europe. Fascinating site.

Guy Rhodes  Trip to Las Vegas.

Ed Richards  Louisiana  LSU law professor, specializing in biotech. Stunning 4x5 photographs of Katrina ruins.

Sandy Rose  Near Cleveland, Ohio. Fine art flower photography.

Robert Rotella  Kirkland, Washington.  Images of the World travel photography: all continents. He gets around.

Todd Roth  Techniques and excellent photos.

Travis Ruse  New York City.  Remarkable subway photographs. Nephew of our friend, Elizabeth Gold.

David Ryan  Boise, Idaho.  Travel, stock and location photography, and T-shirts featuring postage stamps.

Wojtek Rychlik  Cascade, Colorado (near Pike's Peak)  Astronomical, stereo, nature, and landscape. Develops impressive Molecular Biology software.

Luca Salgarelli  Bell Labs scientist and avid photographer. His page contains instructions on running Picture Window Pro under Linux using the WINE emulator.

Dean Sauskojus  Bozeman, Montana  Nature and Landscape photography.

David Scharf  Los Angeles.  Brilliant scanning electron microscope images-- artistic and technical.

Kelly Scheimberg  Littleton, Colorado. Landscapes-- some straight, some highly creative.

Andy Schmitt  near Deleware Water Gap.  Head of photography, Peters Valley Crafts Center.

Patty Shales  Los Angeles.  Fine underwater photography.

Richard Smallfield  New Zealand.  Landscape photography and discussion of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Andy Smith  Devon, Pennsylvania.  Fine art nature photography of birds, landscapes, seascapes, plants and wildlife. Also maintains a site on Environmental sustainability:

Gordon Smith  Borrowash, Derbyshire, UK.  Image restoration service. Online or through email.

Salvatore Spano  Sardinia.  Maintains the website for the Sardinia Biodiversity Society.

Eolake Stobblehouse  Denmark.  Artist, photographer, and Macintosh evangelist. Also has a site,, which features tasteful nude photography.

Mikhail "Teddybear" Sokolov  Russia.  Has some interesting material comparing the Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR with film and other digital cameras. Mostly in Russian, but this link is good for translations. See two posts: The most over asked question (image comparisons) | Fuji SLR Talk (chart comparisons)

Steve Solomon  Texas  Total Quality Photography Architecture, nature, landscape, still life stock photography.

Salvatore Spano  Sardinia, Italy.  Macro/nature photography, Sardinia Biodiversity Society.

Raghu Srinivasan  Sunnyvale, California. USA travel photography.

Sergey Stein  Englewood, New Jersey.  Travel and family photos.

James Stoness  Ontario, Canada. RV travel guides to Canada and the US.

Polyvios Stylianou  Cyprus.  People photography & misc.

David Swerdlow  Atlanta, Georgia.  Nature and landscape photographer; extensive traveler.

David Szabo  Commercial photographer in British Columbia.

Viktor Tammeveski  Estonia.

Deborah Siminski Tappan  Tennessee.  Excellent landscape (mostly western US) and wildlife photography.

Jacek Tarasuik  Krakow, Poland.  Physicist and photogtrapher. Mostly in Polish.

Marlin Thorman  Spangle, Washington.  Railroad Photography

Maciej Tomczak  British Columbia, Canada. Lovely travel images, some on

Martin Tomes  Storrington, UK. The Storrington Camera Club has an interesting page on colour management.

Gary Tonhouse  Ankeney, Iowa.  Landscapes, nature.

Rainer of Trier  Trier, Germany.  Images of Germany's oldest city, with amazing Roman ruins and night images.

Juan Trujillo  Spain.  Has developed a cute software package (BrainsBreaker) that turn images into jigsaw puzzles.

Louis Tsai  BioInformatics student at University of New South Wales, Australia.

Beryl Turner  Nature photography. Requires membership to view images.

Yves Vander Haeghen  Ghent, Belgium.  Has developed some software (Visual Basic.NET) for analyzing color.

David Vandre  Hendersonville, NC.  Nature, landscape, and travel photography.

Ashok Viswanathan  Mumbai (Bombay), India.  Outstanding India travel images. We will never forget his wonderful hospitality during our India visit.

Thad V'Soske  San Diego.  Astronomy, lighthouses, landscapes.

Chris Wade  Pixel Place  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Specializes in fine museum-quality Giclee printmaking.

Keith S. Walklet  QuietWorks  Boise, Idaho.  Sells the BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloth.

Doug Walton  Marquette, Michigan, formerly from Boulder. Nature photography.

John Warr  Northern Alabama.  Civil War and wildlife art.

Lois Wakeman  Web design and photography from the UK. Lovely east Devon location.

Alec Watson  Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Recording engineer.

Gerry Weintraub  San Diego, California.  Blends photography with digital art to create the coast of my dreams. Almost makes me want to move back...

Tom Westbrook  Minneapolis, Minnesota  Large format photography and some technical information, concentrating on Arca Swiss equipment.

Gary Wheeler  has put together a remarkable story about the World War II naval air war in the Pacific.

John W. Williams  Battle Ground, Washington. Bird and nature photography.

Suzanne Williams

Keith Williamson  Superb color and B&W images. India, China, Taiwan travel images. Some very nice celebrity pix.

Mark Wilson  Houston, Texas  Dentist and nature photographer.

Peter Wolff  Excellent site with fine images and technical articles.

Christopher Woodhouse  UK  KT Photonics  Traditional B&W darkroom diehard. Offers advice and equipment. Author of "Way Beyond Monochrome."

Dave M. Wyman  Los Angeles. Author of Backroads of Northern California. Working on a Southern California follow-up.

Andrew T. Young  San Diego, CA  Has an extensive page on the green flash, occasional seen at sunset under good atmospheric conditions. I've seen it twice.

Timothy York  Nova Scotia  His Portraits of Nature has some lovely images.

Michele Zappa  Montgomery, Illinois.  Landscapes, stock photography, and graphic design.

Robert Zembowicz  Charlotte, North Carolina.  Has a page on the Epson 2200.

Charles Zwicky  New York City  Friend of Ralph Gibson. Charles is a recording engineer who has designed vacuum tube microphone preamps (we have a lot in common) and still prints the old-fashioned way.

Brentwood Camera Club Nice page with some interesting articles, but I can't recall what state Brentwood is in. It must say somewhere. I know it's not Los Angeles!

Fine arts and other

Dorothy Cutter  Paintings, serigraphs and photgraphs with beautiful Japanese-influenced design

Richard Thomas Davis  La Have, Nova Scotia. Superb ultra-realistic paintings-- with beauty, magic and depth. You can tell I really like them.