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.  How to purchase prints
I am no longer actively selling prints.
Most of my time is taken by Imatest.
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Digitally processed prints posess far more beauty and detail than you can see on your monitor.

Process and materials

My prints are made with Hewlett Packard Z3200 or Epson P9000 pigment-based printers. My current preferred surfaces are Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk or Epson Premium Luster. (I may also be able to print on matte surfaces, but check first.) Estimated display life is over 100 years before noticeable change-- as good as any silver-based color paper. For best longevity prints should be overmatted and mounted under glass. They should not be displayed in direct sunlight.

Sizes and prices

I only list prices for unmounted prints. Mounted (overmatted) prints are considerably more difficult to ship, but I can make them on request. Prints come in the following paper sizes.
  • Letter-sized: 8x11 inches. $40.
  • Super B (Super A3): 13x19 inches. $60.
  • Larger than 13 inches wide: I can now make 44 inch wide prints. I can, in fact, print larger, but many of the older images are not suited for prints larger than 24 inches wide. Prices on request. I'll ship large prints in tubes.
  • Panoramic: I can print images up to 12.4 inches wide on 13 inch Permium Luster paper. The length depends of the aspect ratio. I offer three sizes: 18 inches long (any paper): $60. About 10 inches high x 28 inches long (suitable for mounting in 32 inch wide frames) $80. About 12 inches high x 35 inches long (suitable for mounting in 40 inch wide frames) $100
One margin (the bottom in portrait, i.e., vertical, format) must be at least 0.55 inches. In landscape format the bottom margin will be at least 0.40 inches to allow room for my signature. Other margins will be at least 0.2 inch for protection against damage. Exact image size depends on image proportions.

Contact me for dealer and quantity discounts.

Shipping & handling

I will ship via USPS priority mail (2-3 days delivery) on receipt of your check or PayPal order. Shipping is $7 for all print sizes. I ship prints over 8 inches wide rolled up in square tubes. Large prints shipped this way are less likely to get damaged than if they're shipped flat in #7 envelopes. This price holds for any number of prints.

How to order

By check
Send me an e-mail with the following information.
  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • The title(s) of print(s) you wish to purchase.
  • The size (letter, 13x18 inches, or larger) and paper surface (Matte or Permium Luster).
  • The total cost including shipping (I'll double-check).
I'll respond with an e-mail with my address and phone number. Send me a letter with the check enclosed. I'll ship the prints as soon as I receive the check. I will accept Paypal once I get a little better organized.

PayPal  (buttons have been removed)-- my schedule makes it difficult for me to fulfill Paypal orders in a timely manner.
For each print, enter the Title and Paper type, then click on Add to Cart. When you are finished, click on View Cart and continue. You can make corrections to the cart at any time. Shipping cost is $7 for orders over $50. I'll respond by e-mail as soon as I receive the order.

Letter-sized: 8x11 inches. $40 each

Super B (Super A3): 13x19 inches. $60 each
Includes 19 inch long panoramic images.

Panoramic 28 inches long. $80 each
Image about 10 inches high on 13 inch wide Premium Luster or Red River 76 lb. Premium matte. Typically a 27 inch long image on 28 inch long paper. Suitable for 32 inch wide frames. Precise dimensions depend on aspect ratio.

Panoramic 29-34 inches long. $100 each
Image about 12.4 inches high on 13 inch wide Premium Semigloss. Typically a 32-34 inches long image on 35 inch long paper. Precise length depends on aspect ratio.

To check your shopping cart or complete your order.


Images and text copyright (C) 2000-2012 by Norman Koren. Norman Koren lives in Boulder, Colorado. Since 2003 most of his time has been devoted to the development of Imatest. He has been involved with photography since 1964.