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   Posted by Todd Sidwell on 01/11/03 at 9:09 PM

Subject:   FARE error msg: "Dust/scratch removal failed..."

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I recently purchased the FS4000US, and have had success obtaining clean scans (thanks to NeatImage). However, FARE has not worked at all. During preview scanning or final scanning, I see the error message: "Dust/scratch removal failed because volume was too great(0x000f000f)".

Is this indicating a memory problem or a bottleneck in the USB connection? I am aware of problems with certain films, but I am scanning Fuji Superia and Super HQ 35mm color print film. The error occurs at all resolutions and bit-depth settings (and image sizes). I see the message when running FilmGet 1.03 out of either Photoshop 5 LE or Picture Window Pro 3.1 Demo.

My system: Win 98, 380Mb RAM, AMD K6-2/550, scanner connected to USB expansion card (manual suggests against this, but it works, other than FARE).



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