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   Posted by Hai on 01/26/03 at 9:03 AM

Subject:   Re: FARE error msg: "Dust/scratch removal failed..."

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In Reply to: Re: FARE error msg: "Dust/scratch removal failed..." posted by Mike on 01/14/03 at 7:03 AM:

: Todd,

: Don't bother getting more than 512 meg. Win 98 will not support more. In fact WKB (microsoft) said if you have more than 512 meg of ram your system may slow down. This is not a problem with Win 2000 or XP.

That's not true. You can add up to 1GB of memory to Win98 system if your motherboard supports it. You just have to manually adjust couple of Windows settings:


Also make sure you motherboard is capable of caching the whole memory range so you machine won't slow down. I'm running Win98 with 1GB of RAM.


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