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   Posted by Todd Sidwell on 01/30/03 at 7:20 AM

Subject:   Re: FARE error msg: "Dust/scratch removal failed..."

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In Reply to: Re: FARE error msg: "Dust/scratch removal failed..." posted by Hai on 01/26/03 at 9:03 AM:

In addition to the FARE problem and the common "grain" problems, my scanner started to produce scans with random vertical white lines, and constantly underexposed the left half of the frame. VueScan would not ever produce a preview image. I returned the scanner for replacement, and, without making any changes to my system, the new scanner is working flawlessly. Grainy noise is reduced, FARE is working well, and scan speeds are extremely fast even with USB, FARE, and 42-bit/4000ppi scanning (just to run it through it's paces). VueScan is also working with it.

The original scanner might have been "grey market", if there is such a thing for this product -- asian writing on the box, unbound and copied "manuals", no warranty cards, and what seemed to be a dubbed CD with a paper label. The replacement had english writing on the box, bound manuals, warranty cards, and a pressed CD. I don't know if this makes a difference in quality, but it may be a clue that the scanner has been around.

Thanks for all of your help!


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