Images mid 2016 to late 2017

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Most of the pictures here were taken mid 2016 through autumn 2017, after I finished preparing for my NCAR show. There is no particular order or theme. I plan to print many of these in December.

Click on any of the images to view at medium resolution (enough to see fine details, but not quite full-sized, which would load slowly).

Reservoir_mood_P1070912-1200WBoulder reservoir, summer 2016

Wonderland_sky_P1070438.-lighter_1200WWonderland Lake, North Boulder, 2016
Our favorite place for a refreshing evening walk.

Wonderland_20170424_193411_1200WWonderland Lake, North Boulder, 2017

Wonderland_20170818_193838-1200WA quiet moment of beauty, Wonderland Lake, 2017

eagle_cloud_20170913_190337_mod_1200WEagle cloud, near East Boulder Rec Center, 2017

Debi_Johns_20170822_193238_1200WNear Debi and John’s new house, a short drive north of Boulder
The Google Pixel phone’s HDR+ mode kept the details in the very contrasty sky.

Trafalgar_20170923_160548_1200WTrafalgar Square, London, September 2017

OK, it’s a postcard, but it’s a picture-perfect postcard. The Google Pixel camera’s HDR+ mode kept the sky tones under control, and my timing was (accidentally) perfect. They were just starting to clear the square to set up for an event the following day, and the girls taking a selfie in the middle echoed the performer in the foreground, quite perfectly.

Blue maple, autumn 2017

Colored ivy I, autumn 2017

Colored ivy II, autumn 2017

Colored ivy III, autumn 2017

Boulder_Reservoir_20171022_181925_1200WBoulder reservoir sunset I, autumn 2017

Boulder_Reservoir_sunset_20171119_164902_1200WBoulder reservoir sunset II, autumn 2017

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