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   Posted by Micha Rentier on 02/07/03 at 2:18 AM

Subject:   FS4000 & APS: No sharp scans!

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I've just bought my FS4000, but I'm not at all satisfied.
The reason I bought the 4000 is that I've got Canon EOS IX (APS) camera.
When I scan an APS film with Filmget and view it in PS&, it's not at all sharp. I've also noticed that with scanning (on 4000dpi), somehow the size of the picture is only 2,91 by 1.?? cm. Of course it can be sharp at that size, but when you enlarge it, it gets very unsharp. When printing on 10x15 cm, unsharpness is clearly visible. What am I doing wrong?

I've also tried Vuescan, the previews are VERY grainy and the end result isn't much sharper as with FilmGet.

Please help!


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