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   Posted by Micha Rentier on 02/07/03 at 3:55 PM

Subject:   Re: FS4000 & APS: No sharp scans!

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In Reply to: Re: FS4000 & APS: No sharp scans! posted by WWWBoard Administrator on 02/07/03 at 2:42 PM:

Thanx for the reply.

Don't think it's the negative that isn't sharp; I've now scanned a dozen negs (all APS, Kodak or FUJI) and not one of them is spot on sharp. Some of them are not sharp at all.....

Anuy other suggestions?

: The WWWBoard Administrator responded with the following message.

: Micha, It's possible that the problem is the film itself, not the scanner. What kind of film did you use? It could be grainy. Check my page on grain,

: http://www.normankoren.com/Tutorials/MTF8.html

: The only size that matters is the pixel size, not the "image size," which is just the contents of a tag-- it can be changed without changing the file data. Be sure to scan at 4000 dpi. If you see grain sharply, the scanner is probably doing its job; maybe the camera lens didn't do a good job. That's my guess.


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