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Canon FD camera gear-- bodies and lenses
Also photographic accessories, darkroom gear, and some audio equipment
Norman Koren
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updated Jan. 1, 2004

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Notice: I've been having a hard time coming up with prices-- it sometimes gives me a panic attack. I've put a number of items on eBay. I'm getting better though-- If I find completed sale prices on eBay, it helps. Of course I'll consider offers. If you write me I'll let you know when I put items of interest up. Please excuse me if I'm slow responding.

I have photographs of most items, though I haven't put all of them online.

Price references: The best is eBay's completed auctions, but Midwest Photo Exchange | Keh | Adorama are also of interest. Vladimir Antonov's Canon FD eBay Price Guide is usfeul, though prices have dropped somewhat since May 2003.

From Adorama's grading system:


To pay for sale items (after we've communicated and worked out a price), click on the PayPal Donation button below. I'll be happy to entertain offers based on recent eBay sales. Cashier's checks and money orders are also fine, just slower.

Camera bodies & flash


Canon FD lens data and test results can be found on Details can be found in Canon's online museum: Cameras; FD Mount (older breech-lock); New FD Mount. Photography in Malaysia is a great resource for information on Canon FD bodies and lenses.

Lenses include a cap and back cap, unless noted. Breech-lock (the older-style mount) is indicated by BL.

Darkroom (I've sold most of the large items.)

El Nikkor 80 mm,  105 mm f/5.6 enlarging lenses.

Gra-Lab timer (white)

Other photographic

Man frotto B a l l H e a d, 3 4 3 5 Q R (4 6 8 R C) with the popular 3157 quick release plate. E+ Extra knob and spring. Heavy, sturdy head with variable tension, ideal for studio use. Apparently identical to the 4 6 8 R C 2, shown below.   Sold!

2 - V i v i t a r 2 8 3 Flash units with accessories.


Images and text copyright 2003 by Norman Koren. Norman Koren lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked in developing magnetic recording technology for high capacity data storage systems until 2001. He has been involved with photography since 1964.