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   Posted by Sean Tudor on 12/03/01 at 7:51 PM

Subject:   Re: TWAIN driver causes system crash

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In Reply to: TWAIN driver causes system crash posted by Walter Cool on 12/02/01 at 10:03 AM:

: When I have PPhotoshop LE running and I try to go to the TWAIN the whole system freezes up and I have to power down to start it again. Canon seems to have no software updates available on their Website, except in the UK. That did not solve the problem either. Someone made the suggestion that the FAT32 could be the problem and replacing it with the NT type solved it in his case.

Two things might be causing the problem in your case. You must install the software - both FilmGet and Photoshop - with administrator priviledges. In general when running software on Windows 2000 you should use the NTFS file format so that file permissions are set correctly.

Second, there is a setting on some Dell computers in the BIOS called "USB Emulation". This must be turned ON. We had one Dell desktop here that would only work with the FS4000 once this setting was enabled.

: I am surprised that CANON does not ship better software. Now this scanner has been on the market for more than six months I did not expect that it causes system crashes. Most of the software on the CD is dated Arpil and May of this year. I purchased the scanner in Canada and this could be one of the reasons that it is outdated.

The software that ships with the FS4000 has been tested and does work with all the pc's we use in our office. As for software versions the latest FS4000 CD is labelled Version 1.02 and part no. YA7-1254. I am not aware if Canada uses a different distribution CD.

Sean Tudor

CSCPO Division
Canon Australia Pty Ltd.


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