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   Posted by Noise4000 on 11/10/02 at 10:25 AM

Subject:   Noise on scans

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I bought this scanner back in Jan 2002 but I have yet to get a scan from it that I can use. All the scans I do have a huge amount of noise on them. I have tried the scanner with several different types of film (and on two different PCs) but I still get noise on the scans.

I know people are saying that the extreme sharpness of the scanner is casuing the film grain to be scanned but I am afraid I just don't buy that. Even very very fine graied films like FP4 give very grainy scans. Besides which this is meant to be a pro scanner and I have a lot of old photos I want to scan - I can't go and reshoot these on a kind of film the FS4000 just so happens to like.

I've posted a few of the scans I am getting on this website:


I have been in discussion with Canon UK for about 10 months but they say the scanner is working exactly as it should and that there is nothing wrong with it. They refuse to refund the money for the scanner.

All the scans I have made to day so show much noise that when printed (on an Epson 1290) the photos look very grainy (like they were taken with very high speed film). The reason I bought the scanner was so I could print out scans at A3 - with a 4000 dpi scanner this should be fine - yet the quality of the scans are too poor even for A4 prints.

Are you having similar results from your FS4000? Are you getting great scans from your FS4000 and think I am missing something? Do you live in London and have access to another film scanner I can use to scan these films and see if this is reproduced on other scanners?

If so I'd really like to hear from you. You can reach me on:


Thanks a lot.


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