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   Posted by KC on 11/27/01 at 3:07 AM

Subject:   ALL problems solved!!Re: Red Streak, Vuescan, SCSI etc.

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In Reply to: Red Streak, Vuescan, SCSI etc. posted by KC on 11/25/01 at 6:23 PM:

1) Don't do Excel when u are scanning, don't play games either. Oh yes, don't bother editing your photos while it's scanning.

2) Turn of your Stereo.

3) Make sure you leave your PC alone.

4) Make sure the Scanner is away from Magnetic field.

I couldn't believe how much less noise it is.

: Hi,

: I just picked up my FS-4000US and purchased the Vuescan 7.2.9.

: My Canon is made in Japan, no. 001321. When I scan the slide in DEFAULT setting, either by FilmGet1.01 or Vuescan 7.2.9, I don't get too much of the problem. However, at the default setting the slides (Provia) are too dark. As soon as I crank up the brightness (not too much, 1.4 in vuescan) in filmget and Vuescan, I get serious red streak.

: I then started trying the long exposure mode, it seems to improve a lot.

: Now I'm not sure whether it's a defective scanner or not. Any suggestions?

: Besides, do you think that the SCSI interface is much faster? I have both interfaces but I don't have the SCSI cable, and not planning to spend more money until someone tells me it's much faster.

: Thanks,

: KC


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