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   Posted by KC on 11/25/01 at 6:23 PM

Subject:   Red Streak, Vuescan, SCSI etc.

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I just picked up my FS-4000US and purchased the Vuescan 7.2.9.

My Canon is made in Japan, no. 001321. When I scan the slide in DEFAULT setting, either by FilmGet1.01 or Vuescan 7.2.9, I don't get too much of the problem. However, at the default setting the slides (Provia) are too dark. As soon as I crank up the brightness (not too much, 1.4 in vuescan) in filmget and Vuescan, I get serious red streak.

I then started trying the long exposure mode, it seems to improve a lot.

Now I'm not sure whether it's a defective scanner or not. Any suggestions?

Besides, do you think that the SCSI interface is much faster? I have both interfaces but I don't have the SCSI cable, and not planning to spend more money until someone tells me it's much faster.




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