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   Posted by Eric Junnila on 10/01/02 at 7:34 PM

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In Reply to: Re: Storage posted by Dominic on 09/30/02 at 1:18 PM:

: Very good synopsis. In fact we are talking about the dedicated amateur here: he or she is trying his/her best, done the homework, studying the forums etc. and will obtain, we assume, a crop(sic) of 30% to 50% shots from an average film. Now the idea with the scanner is to get the maximum quality otherwise why bother? Furhermore it is not a good idea to rescan if you can avoid it (the negatives arenīt going to get any cleaner) The question isnīt rhetorical - I just hoped someone would have a satisfactory solution - in the end I suppose DVD will be the way of least resistance. I would strongly recommend NOT using big hard discs for storage - over the years I have had too many fatals with that species, and goodbye was all she wrote loses its charm after a while.

I am a retired professional who has been shooting for over 30 years.
I have scanned images to CD for quite a while but I seldom bother to scan a/4000 DPI.
I am just starting to scan to DVD.CD'S are really great to use especially CDRW's but the fact that
CD'S hold roughly 650mb of data and DVD's will hold 4.75 gb of data kind of turned my head.
An entire lifes work on 5 DVD's..........YIKES...........


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