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   Posted by Dominic on 09/30/02 at 1:18 PM

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Very good synopsis. In fact we are talking about the dedicated amateur here: he or she is trying his/her best, done the homework, studying the forums etc. and will obtain, we assume, a crop(sic) of 30% to 50% shots from an average film. Now the idea with the scanner is to get the maximum quality otherwise why bother? Furhermore it is not a good idea to rescan if you can avoid it (the negatives arenīt going to get any cleaner) The question isnīt rhetorical - I just hoped someone would have a satisfactory solution - in the end I suppose DVD will be the way of least resistance. I would strongly recommend NOT using big hard discs for storage - over the years I have had too many fatals with that species, and goodbye was all she wrote loses its charm after a while.


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