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   Posted by Eric Junnila on 09/24/02 at 7:10 PM

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In Reply to: Storage posted by Dominic McGonagle on 09/21/02 at 10:40 AM:

: For those of you who use this scanner for more than a couple of negatives or slides a small question. At 120mb a pop where do you store your images?

CD's are very cheap CDRW's slightly more but can be re-used many times.I scan for Web and for Print use and usually save in PDF format as well in Photoshop7or PhotoPaint 10
and keep them on CDRW dont keep on your Harddrive gets too slow.
Iam using a MAC G4 w/2 60gb ata drives and a CDRW/DVD combo burner was using XP on my PC but found scanner too slow.
On the Mac G4 no problem at all.

Erig Junnila


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