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   Posted by Jouni Vierumaki on 09/30/02 at 7:41 AM

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In Reply to: Re: Storage posted by Dominic on 09/29/02 at 7:09 PM:

: Thanks for the reply. I was thinking on other lines:
: i.e. a friend of mine who is a pro photographer had a job in Brasil. He brought back 120 films. Cutting to the chase - what I really mean is what do those of you with a turnover of, say 10 films a week, do with your images? Or are you waiting for DVD?

Not that I would belong to the target group, but some speculation anyway...

I don't think there is any proper way to store all those frames in maximum quality digital format, as that would require 10 films x 5 GB x 52 = 2500 gigabytes a year. The 5 GB comes from 36 frames x 140 MB TIFF file per frame. So the maximum resolution & bit depth of CanoScan FS4000US is assumed.

Surely, the calculation can be done differently. Not all the frames may be scanned or not stored in max res, the images can be saved in tighter image format (PNG) or compressed in a way or another. Perhaps even JPEG format is used eventhough some infromation is lost. On the other hand, higher ppi scanners are available than this 4000 ppi and multiple versions (original/manipulated) might be archived.

Even that CD-R(W) discs are affordable, is it practical to have a 300 disc collection to store the scanned films of the first month only? DVD helps with that, but even so, it is easily more than one DVD disc a day.

So how then? In organisations DAT tapes or similar are probably used. And not all the files are archived in maximum resolution, I guess.

For an amateur paying for his/her film the 10 film/week is seldomly the issue. One film a week is. So how to store 250 gigabytes a year? To 350 CD dics? To 40 DVD discs? To a couple of the todays big hard drives?


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