Marwan Al-Sayed, Rick Joy, and Wendell Burnette, and landscape architect Michael Boucher. I worked closely with all four of them, as they developed their conceptual ideas, so that I could portray their designs to prospective investors. This is the bathroom of a resort room, designed by Marwan Al-Sayed. All the background photography in this series was done by Bill Timmerman."); picture ("page2.jpg", "A view from the bed of a Marwan Al-Sayed-designed room."); picture ("page3.jpg", "An overview of the Page One site. Al-Sayed's hotel rooms (with their roof balconies) can be seen on the left, while on the right is Michael Boucher's swimming pool and Rick Joy's restaurant and bar. At far right you can see a portion of the rock formation which forms the centerpiece of the Page One resort."); picture ("page4.jpg", "Various alcoves in the rock formation are dedicated to different elements. Here, the fire alcove can be seen by the resort entrance. Rick Joy's restaurant and bar is in the background."); drawpicture ("page5.jpg", "Part of Wendell Burnette's spa is a series of artificial caverns carved into the very center of the rock formation. In addition to this large swimming area, there are a number of smaller saunas and steam rooms throughout the rock.", "right", "500"); picture ("page6.jpg", "Michael Boucher's negative-edge swimming pool."); picture ("page7.jpg", "A couple enjoys a small pool nestled within the rock."); picture ("page8.jpg", "A sunbathing and theraputic mud bath area, designed by Wendell Burnette, seen at night. At left, steam rises up from the underground saunas."); backbutton ("rendering.php"); ?>