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   Posted by chris bradley on 03/19/02 at 6:35 AM

Subject:   How to get the best out of the canoscan

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About 4 weeks ago I purchased a canoscan fs4000us and was not too impressed by my inital scans - lots of pixellation motor noise etc- just the common complaints.

However, by making a few adjustments I am now VERY happy with the scanner.

So what did I do?

I moved the scanner as far away from the monitor and CPU as I could - usb lead extended full stretch.

I placed the scanner on a mousemat + blue tack + mousemat "sandwich". This helps isolate the scanner from vibration- I am sure that some of the specialist hi-fi isolation aids would improve things even more.

I also demonstrated (to my satisfaction) that the 4000us is very sensitive to mains "noise". It needs to be plugged into the mains supply away from the cpu, monitor etc in a separate socket. ie. Do not plug it into a trailing socket containing all the bits for the pc (such as monitor, system unit, printer etc. It needs to be in a completely separate socket (my dedicated hi-fi spur is ideal- but very inconvenient). I have on order a rfi mains filter (this one:

I could do nothing about the mechanical noise but it has become quieter with use.


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