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   Posted by Simon East on 03/13/02 at 9:13 AM

Subject:   Re: Noisy Scanner - Noisy Scans

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In Reply to: Re: Noisy Scanner - Noisy Scans posted by WWWBoard Administrator on 02/17/02 at 11:53 AM:

In the end I sent my FS4000 back to Canon for repair because I decided that the scans I was getting we unusable.

I have now tried Kodak Gold, FP4 and XP1 negative film and Fuji Provia slide film. All show the same amount of noise.

Canon tested the scanner and said they could find nothing wrong with it and so I am now disucussing with the tech support people (who have been very good I must say) what happens next but they did admit that the scan quality of the scans I sent them was not acceptable.


: A power line noise filter is a low-pass filtering device that reduces high frequency noise in power lines-- RF pickup, etc.
: Radio Shack has one for $14.99. I don't know how effective it is and I can't promise it will help, but it's cheap enough to be worth trying.
: It's "AC line filter" 15-1111 on page 162 of Radio Shack's 2002 catalogue. Let us know if it helps.


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