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   Posted by mike cooper on 03/11/02 at 4:23 AM

Subject:   brilliant scanner

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i hope early problems noted by previous contributers won't put present day purchasesrs off this great scanner.
i recently got one to replace my minolta scan dual[incompatible with XP]- and it worked fine straight from the box.
i have been delighted with the clarity and colours of all my slides many of them seeing a new life after 25 years in the box.
off course it grinds and groans--so what--i defy anyone to point out where this is manifest on the image on screen or when printed.
i bypass any manipulation of the image in "filmget"
and go straight into photoshop elements---and the results are so good that i'm ditching all my archived to c.d. slides done on my old dimage scan dual and starting again.
there is no way i would have considered this heculean task if the canon scanner hadn't made the results so worthwhile.
hope this cheers a few people up!
mike cooper


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