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   Posted by Chris Bradley on 02/14/02 at 7:19 AM

Subject:   My FS4000US Experience

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On the stenghth of numerous reviews which claim how quiet the scanner is and which claim its scan quality to be excellent- some minor quibbles over colour cast and FARE not working on *bad* frames- I purchased a FS4000.

I found it to make a graunching noise when doing a final scan - not at all quiet.

I also obtained lots of noise on my negative scans (slide ok) similar as to those discussed elsewhere on forums, I suppose.

Anyway, I expressed my dismay to the retailer and have a new unit on order which I hope will be with me soon.

What I can't understand is how it gets such good reviews if its flawed in design.

Incidentally I had it positioned within 2 feet of the monitor and resing on top of the tower case. Is this likely to contribute to the noise?



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