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   Posted by Robert A on 01/28/02 at 9:50 PM

Subject:   Re: Refunds

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In Reply to: Refunds posted by Phil Noll on 01/08/02 at 10:46 AM:

What about the warranty? Have you asked Canon to repair it?

: I purchased my scanner using my Discover card. I did call Discover to ask them what recourse I may have since my scanner is defective. They informed me that Discover offers no consumer protection of any kind.

: I really do not know what to try next. I purchased my scanner in August of 2001 and have been trying desparately to get a refund or exchange ever since. I have asked the retailer (B&H), Canon, and my credit card company for help---all to no avail.

: I'm getting nowhere and getting more and more frustrated. I would hate to have to seek legal counsel (and frankly I shouldn't have to if these companies had any ethics) but I may have no choice. I can't understand why it is so difficult for B&H or Canon to do the right thing.

: If anyone has any advice--I'm all ears!
: Thanks.


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