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   Posted by Axel Schoevers on 01/26/02 at 4:16 AM

Subject:   CanoScan FS400US

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My main question is:
What is a 'standard' brightness/color adjustment for Fuji color slides (400 ASA) (or any other film type).

As slides come out too dark and too much magenta I do a +50 increase in brightness and a -25 decrease for magenta. Than they appear 'acceptable' on my monitor. But as I lack any photographic background I naturally do NOT trust my eyes. Is there information about 'standard' color/brightness corrections for various film types?

Just finished installing CanoScan D2400U and FS400US scanners. Had problems with FilmGet 1.0.1 calibrating from within PhotoShop 5LE. It would freeze Windows2000 and not even CTRL-ALT-DEL would help. But as soon as I first do an acquire with PhotoBase (and then directly close FilmGet, and start PhotoShop) it will keep working when the system is on.

In general the quality of both scanners is higher than needed for my intended general usage. Which is good for the occasional enlargements.

Thanks for the informational web page!



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