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   Posted by Simon East on 01/21/02 at 10:30 AM

Subject:   Noise on scans

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I recently got a FS4000 and have done a few scans and at the moment they all seem to be coming up with a lot of noise. Using FilmGet or VueScan with mutiple or long exposure passes does not help.

I am now comparing one film which I had transfered to Photo-CD and the FS4000 scans have a lot more noise than the Photo-CD scans.

I notice one use how has to turn off his stereo and not use his PC but for 600 worth of scanner I think it should work properly.

Has anyone else had these problems? Should I send the unit back. I did have a Nikon Coolscan IV but that arrived broken so I sent that back and replaced it with this!




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