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   Posted by Richard Stone on 01/07/02 at 8:09 PM

Subject:   No Noise or Lines

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I was very nervous after ordering the FS 4000, but the results have been very sharp and noise free. I did experience some odd sootiness on some of the first slide scans I did, although that now does not seem to be a problem. I cannot explain that. I have had excellent results with Vuescan, using both normal and long exposure, although the Filmget software works well enough for many purposes. After reading the various posts I am considering moving the scanner away from its location near the monitor, but I have no problem with lines, etc., so I may leave it alone.

I have read the posts about how unhappy some people were with apparently defective units, and I can imagine how frustrating that must be. When I scan something I do not touch the scanner or do anything else near the system, just as if it were an enlarger. I do not mean to be a promoter for the product, but I am very pleased, and just hope to provide some balance.


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