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   Posted by Phil Noll on 01/07/02 at 9:51 AM

Subject:   Canon Problems

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I can assure you that I do not work for any company that makes any kind of digital photography equipment (I work for the gov't!).

I have had nothing but trouble with my Canon FS4000US from day one and I have had no support whatsoever from B&H since they got my money. Despite numerous requests for returns, exchanges, or a refund, B&H refuses to demonstrate to me that they are customer focussed. My requests are summarily dismissed.

As a result, I will NEVER purchase anything from B&H again! If you have some magic way of getting service from B&H (or the name of a person at B&H who truly believes in customer satisfaction)I would love for you to share it with this list because I cannot even get them to consider an exchange!

As for Canon, I just sent my SECOND FS4000US scanner back to them on Friday 1/4/02. From the numerous complaints I've seen on various Interenet lists, I have strenthened my belief that the FS4000US has inherent design flaws. Too many people are complaining about "soot", red lines, dark noise, grinding noises, dark scans (slides), random colored pixels, etc. If your scanner works fine, I'm happy for you. But there are many of us out there who got the short end of the stick! And the worst part is that neither Canon nor some retailers are willing to offer refunds for defective merchandise. I personally can't understand how they can legally do this. If you are sold a defective product, don't you have the right to a refund? Caveat Emptor I guess. My advice is to steer clear of the FS4000US!!


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