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   Posted by Wile E. Coyote on 05/18/03 at 4:09 AM

Subject:   Re: FS4000US Extremely slow even using scsi

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In Reply to: FS4000US Extremely slow even using scsi posted by Dominic on 02/24/03 at 11:01 PM:

Hi from a french coyote!

My FS4000US is not a lightning, but NEVER as slow as you say!

My config:
athlon 1800xp
768MB RAM PCI chain is too slow.

Also, I notice at the moment you describe, the scanner seems to transfer each image to the computer (for me 4 times one at the end of each image, not specially at the end), CPU activity is high at these moments. Perhaps a faster CPU will gain, but mostly if Hard Disk activity is little.

My opinion is you should strongly increase your RAM (to 768-1GB). Everything on your computer will be more performant. Also, you may tune your WinXP, but that's very technical. A tool like TaskInfo from http://www.iarsn.com which can free some memory, is very useful, but no software will create the RAM you have not !

Good luck!

Wile E. Coyote
: under USB scanning was very slow. I've installed an adaptec 2930U scsi card and still - Slow.
: I'm using photoshop 7.0 and latest filmget software.
: When scanning slides at 500dpi with no dust removal or colour matching, 4 slides take 20minutes under scsi and about 23minutes under usb.
: The scanning progress bar gets to 100% then hangs for a long time before completing. This processing time seems to be the longest after the final slide. I'm running PIII/900Mhz, 256MB ram, Windows XP.


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