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   Posted by Marco Rigonati on 05/14/03 at 5:29 PM

Subject:   Re: Noise on FS4000US? FilmGet & VueScan)

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In Reply to: Noise on FS4000US? FilmGet & VueScan) posted by Andreas Siegert on 04/19/03 at 9:14 AM:

I used to have the same problem, until I started to make some adjustments in the VueScan software and I have no more noise in my scans.
In VueScan, play with the White Point, Black Point and Brightness until the noise dispears. Usualy you will end up with a darker preview, don't worrie about that, the information is all there. After you scan, bring it to Photoshop and light it up with curves. This works very well.
I hope this helps.


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