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   Posted by BJ Nicholls on 12/07/01 at 4:42 PM

Subject:   Panoramas supported in Vuescan

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The current version of Vuescan has bugs with cleaning and some other issues, but Ed Hamrick has added an offset feature that lets you scan two halves of an Xpan or Mamiya 7 35mm panorama and provide an overlap for easy splicing in Photoshop. Without this feature, I had to make half the scan, eject the carrier, adjust the film position for overlap, insert and scan the other half. Often in this process I'd get some misalignment that required rotation of an image half for splicing. With the offset, the scan alignment is perfect every time.

Also, Ed has added exposure and color locks that (when the bugs are fixed and they work properly) allow you to scan each half of a panorma without the exposure and color shifts that are a headache using FilmGet (even with color and exposure adjustments disable) or earlier version of Vuescan.

If you scan panoramas, Vuescan is becoming the best solution short of being able to scan a frame in a single pass. Ed says the firmware limits the width of a scanning pass, so the offset feature is his best response to the problem.


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