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   Posted by Jouni Vierumäki on 03/19/03 at 3:01 AM

Subject:   Strange structure in scan

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I noticed a strange effect in a seemingly homogenous sky area in film frame scanned with FS4000 in 4000 dpi and 48 bit with FilmGet. Look at one of these 1:1 crops (depending on your connection speed): http://www.iki.fi/jouni.vierumaki/scans/test/Taivas.png (1,3 MB) or http://www.iki.fi/jouni.vierumaki/scans/test/Taivas.jpg (170 MB).

To me they are ok when looked at 1:1, but if you open the image in an image manipulation application and zoom in to 400%, you'll see grid-like pattern covering the whole image area. See the about 10 pixel wide circle areas about 40 pixels apart from each other in both horizontal and vertical direction? Any ideas about what could cause this effect?


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