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   Posted by cheryl on 02/26/03 at 11:17 AM

Subject:   Re: error when scanning from photoshop and Mac

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In Reply to: Re: error when scanning from photoshop and Mac posted by whistleblowerusa on 01/19/03 at 8:33 AM:

Hasn't worked. I've tried it from classic and from starting up under os 9.21....Get as far as scanning thumbnails, so I know the computer sees the scanner. It sucks in the film carrier and then says "can't get file"...no matter how many times I reinstall it. Ugh.

: What worked after hours of playing around is to restart with just the base Apple extensions. Do that, by opening the extensions manager in your control panels (under the Apple menu) and select the base extension set. Restart and then remove the cannon driver that you had alreday installed. Re-install the driver from the CD. Then go to th extensions manager again and select the set that you originally had and restart. Everything should work fine now. Let me know if that doesn't work.

: : Same exact problem, no solution...Please let me know if you get it fixed.

: :
: : : I have a FS4000US and cannot seem to get it to scan from filmget and photoshop. I get an error message after the scan starts and then hangs. The error is something about a file not found. Anyone have anything similar or know what is wrong. I have the latest driver.
: : : I have had great success using Vuescan but it adds the extra step of having to open teh image in photoshop.
: : : Thanks.


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