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   Posted by artpac79 on 02/22/03 at 4:17 PM

Subject:   Wavy horizontal lines

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I've been trying out my new FS4000US for a couple days now using color negative film strips. Thought I was seeing things at first but I'm not. Straight horizontal or near horizontal lines contained in the image (e.g.: siding, trim on a building, a fence or curb, etc.) appear wavy in the resulting scan and prints. Looks very unusual to say the least.

I have experimented scanning the same negative in frame position 1 or 2, flipping the strip over so the image is upside down and scanning the same negative frames in position 3 or 4. Guess what, the wavyness is much less noticable when the negative is scanned in position 3 and 4 of the film strip holder compared to position 1 or 2. I tried reducing the resolution to 2000 and that made no difference.

I wonder if the film strip holder is vibrating vertically while in scan motion. Maybe the film strip runner is not flat and true?

Any thoughts and experiences to share in this regard is appreciated. Thanks

Paul (Ontario, Canada)


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