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   Posted by Doug on 02/06/03 at 8:56 PM

Subject:   Problems with my unit

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Bought from B&H in January (2003). Scanned B&W negatives fine, but put a dark line across all color negatives. Weird, huh? The line was completely across every scan, in the direction of the tray movement. Tried with a couple different rolls of film of different types. Always happened with color, never with B&W. (Didn't try slides)

Anyway, I returned the unit (within 7 days, fortunately) and didn't get a replacement after reading some of the other quality control problems here. Thought I'd re-evaluate other alternatives. (I also was really annoyed with the FilmGet software.)

Now I'm hearing, though, that even the more expensive Nikon (if I could afford it) has some of its own problems (including depth-of-field limitations).

So, it sounds like the Canon (with Vuescan) might still be a good option for me if I could get a good unit. Anyone have any recommendations on where to get such a unit - or at least a place that has friendlier return policies? Or anyone care to recommend a different brand?


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