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   Posted by sarah on 01/03/03 at 9:53 AM

Subject:   fs4000 and filmget resolution settings

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i apologize ahead of time if this question is redundant...i wasn't able to find the answer elsewhere.

can anyone give me a recommendation as to some standard filmget settings (especially input and output resolution) for the following system:

35mm color negatives scanned by a canon fs4000 into photoshop 5.5 to be printed on 8.5"x11" archival semi gloss paper on an epson 2000p.
the actual ending image size desired is usually 5"x7".

what's happening now is that we've been scanning at way too high a resolution and the file sizes are excessively large. (95mb)
i'm just trying to find a practical setup for my father's photography work that does not noticeably compromise the images.

any help is appreciated.

thank you,


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