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   Posted by PY on 12/31/02 at 3:13 AM

Subject:   Comparison Canon vs HP

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I'm a newbie in DPhoto and the concern of preserving, showing and printing my old dias is mine. So I look for a scanner at affordable price according at least 2 criterias : quality for a 30x40 print and ergonomy on batch processing (ability of scanning 4 or more dias at one time with, if possible, a good automatic adjustment for 70/80% slides).

I just read your interesting comments on FS4000.
I understand that the HP scan is your ref as you own it.
Something surprises me : you compare results from a 2400dpi shot with shots 4000dpi 48bits.
If the second is not the best, just get rid of it!
I guess you would have the same results comparing 2400dpi shot vs 4000dpi shot with the same scan machine.
What about comparing shots at the same 2400dpi resolution from the two scans ?

I apologize if I miss some important information.



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