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   Posted by Daniel on 12/28/02 at 11:38 AM

Subject:   Re: Preview vs Scanned IMage

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In Reply to: Re: Preview vs Scanned IMage posted by WWWBoard Administrator on 12/28/02 at 8:17 AM:

I guess I will have to take it in for Canon to examine, I'm so frustrated with the scanner since I baught it, it gave me grief from day one. I had it exchanged and since it's just luck that I used the preview since I never use that feature I noticed major differences of the scanned image and the preview. I had the first fs4000 exchanged since I thought the scans were bad and the second machine does the same so I figured it was just the way it scans. I got a color profiler (not cheap) and colors improved a little but were still way darker then what is seen through the projector. Anyways when I did the preview the previed image is quite close to the projected image of a slide but after being scanned that image is just way off. :(
I'll take that in and get it looked after.


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