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   Posted by Greg Brakefield on 12/01/02 at 5:32 AM

Subject:   Re: Streaking with dust removal in Vuescan

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In Reply to: Streaking with dust removal in Vuescan posted by Daniel Staver on 12/01/02 at 3:55 AM:

I presented this issue to Ed Hamrick on 10/14/02 along with ViewScan vs.FilmGet sample images. At that time I was using version 7.5.55. Ed acknowleged the issue and said that IR cleaning on FS4000US was improved in version 7.5.57.

I tested that version and found that the streaks were still there (notified Ed again). Ed said that the new version did not have streaks on his scanner. VueScan is now up to version 7.5.63 and I continue to get the streaks. Perhaps if you and others were to notify him of this issue at support@hamrick.com, it may get more attention.

This software is far too good to give up on. It would be great if the Infared Cleaning worked without properly.

Greg Brakefield


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