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   Posted by WWWBoard Administrator on 11/09/02 at 8:00 AM

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In Reply to: any positive impressions? posted by Eric Junnila on :

My FS4000US is working fine, making beautiful images. I discovered that some people who complain of the gritty, grainy images out of the scanner are seeing actual film grain sharply rendered for the first time. They're accustomed to softly focused and printed camera shop prints. I've worked in the conventional darkroom with fine enlargers, so I know what grain looks like. Dmax is fine for me, especially since I scan mostly negatives in 48-bit mode. Its Dmax of 4.2 in 48-bit mode is outstanding. So even though it appears that there are a number of manufacturing defects, and the FilmGet software adjustments are less than perfect (they still seem to be done in 8-bit mode), I get consistently great results, especially after I edit in 48-bit mode with Picture Window Pro.


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