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   Posted by Stefan Brück on 10/22/02 at 4:40 AM

Subject:   Re: FS4000US problem (3nd try)

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Now i'm struggling with the bright, colored line problem again.

I use the FS4000 with USB connection under Windows 98SE and Filmget 1.0.3 software.

A sample picture and my history with Canons repair center is on http://www.skydiver.de/stef/fehler.htm

Meanwhile i think the problem might come from a error inside the first calibration routine.

I could not solve the problem, but i have a workaround...

The first calibration routine is about 60s long and is performed when the scanner starts for the first time. As a result of this routine a temporary "calibration?" file is stored.

The second calibration routine is about 10s long and is performed when you exchange the holder for a new roll.

I could not see the problem when i started with the slide holder.

When i started with film strip holder and got the problem and switched to slide holder then the problem was visible with slide holder too.

The problem is never solved by doing the short calibration routine.

The error is gone sometimes when PC and scanner are shutdown and then started again.

Now the workaround:

I force the scanner to perform the long calibration routine again until there is no bright line error in the following scans.

But with Filmget you can not manually force the scanner to perform the long calibration routine.

Therefore i delete the temporary "calibration?" file. The scanner performs a long calibration and builds a new temporary "calibration?" file. In most cases the error is gone.



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