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   Posted by Satish Arikkath on 10/14/02 at 4:17 PM

Subject:   Re: Histograms and Exposure settings

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In Reply to: Re: Histograms and Exposure settings posted by WWWBoard Administrator on 10/12/02 at 12:41 PM:

Thanks much for your response.

I am new to this scanning game, but from all that I have read I understand that it is best to do as many of the adjustments as possible during the scan in order to maximise the quality of the image one can play with in the image editor. One setting I have used with very good results is the Exposure setting - manual control instead of Auto Gain improves the quality of the scan tremendously for night shots or underexposed frames.

Re the histogram, I do notice that the histogram changes when the crop area is changed in the preview. However, changes in the other settings do not affect it.


: One more detail: It's always best to perform corrections in the image editor, after the scan. The important thing is that the scan gets all the information. I do very little adjustment during scan time.


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