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   Posted by matthew c. mead on 09/12/02 at 7:32 AM

Subject:   Re: Batch solution?

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In Reply to: Re: Batch solution? posted by Jouni Vierumaki on 09/12/02 at 6:25 AM:

: [ TwainTiffBatcher ]
: Thank you for your valuable piece of software! It offers just the functionality that FilmGet lacks and I've used it extensively without any actual problems.

I'm glad to hear it's been helpful. A couple people have found it useful. I'm glad I put it out there for use.

: If only there would be similar tools to process 48-bit scanned images in batch: resize, autolevels, usm etc.

ImageMagick will work with 48 bit images. You may have to build it yourself as most binaries are just compiled for 24 bit support, but it will do it.



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