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   Posted by Bob on 08/10/02 at 11:38 PM

Subject:   Re: Canoscan FS 4000US, Panoramas

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I am interested in the link you mentioned. I have just spent the better part of an evening trying to scan my 24x65mm panoramic negatives with no luck. Please tell me how to do this with this scanner.Thx.: One question, two answers: If you're intersted in scanning other formats with tis scanner, there is a trick (if you use vuescan)by which you can scan xpan frames(24 * 65 mm). In short you scan first one half an de a bit and then the other side. If you're interseted, I can give you a link to a newsgroup where it was described.: If you want to make a panorama using ordinary 35mm photos, I have indeed found Panorama Factory the best option if the images have to be warped etc.: If you want just a stitch in which no account is taken of the focal length of the lens used, you could try Photoshop Elements (version 2 is to be released in a month or so): : As we can not use this scanner to scan other formats than 35 mm, I have tried to stich 35 mm pictures together.: : I tried Ulead Cool 360 ( a toy) and The Panorama Factory software.The later one really works and after a color adjustment in Photoshop, I got a great panorama.: : Any comments on panoramas created in the digital darkroom are very much appreciated.: : Werner Schittenhelm, Effretikon, Switzerland


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