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   Posted by Elaine on 08/09/02 at 11:39 PM

Subject:   Re: fs4000 timings

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In Reply to: fs4000 timings posted by Dave Roberts on 08/05/02 at 6:17 AM:

Following up on the timing -- I started off using the USB lead because I am not particularly computer competent so was wary of using the SCSI. However, when I compared times with Jim, I decided to give it a go. I have a SCSI PCI Controller 50-pin "Tekram" card in my computer. I simply attached the lead, re-installed the software and everything worked first go! The results were as follows --

Film scanning settings
using USB lead using SCSI

(a)500 dpi 6 mins for 4
(b)1000 dpi 8 mins for 4
(c)2000 dpi 14 mins for 4
(d)4000 dpi 34 mins for 4

(failed ) (failed 2/4)


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